End of Session Report from Annapolis Session 2017

The Maryland General Assembly adjourned April 11th, “Sine Die” after an extraordinary session where we worked hard to stand up for Marylanders in need and to fight back against Gov.Hogan’s narrow priorities and the Trump administration’s effort to turn the clock back on racial equality, reproductive rights, access to public education, and other critical issues.

While it is impossible to convey to you the full complexity of a 90-day session, where 1,661 bills were submitted and heard by the House, and 1,200 by the Senate I will do my best.

One of the inspiring things about this session was hearing from so many engaged people like you – many of whom are more active than ever as we fight back against the right-wing agenda that has taken control in Washington. Throughout this session, more than 2,500 of you reached out to me via phone calls, emails, letters, and post cards sharing your views and offering support (and opposition) on a host of topics including: environment and economic justice (Fracking Ban & Clean Energy Jobs Veto-Override); public education policy and City Schools funding (Protect Our Schools Act and Fixing the Gap); reproductive rights and health (Planned Parenthood); and racial, ethnic and religious targeting and harassment (Maryland Trust Act).

These were just some of the hundreds of topics about which you voiced your concerns. This outpouring of public interest really is what Democracy looks like. And in this end of session letter I will share with you the legislation I sponsored and the final status of specific bills and issues that have resonated with engaged constituents like you.

My priorities this year included standing up for access to water as a basic right for all members of our community, making sure our city schools get the funds they need to deliver a good education to all our children, helping homeowners deal with property assessments, protecting public health funding and fighting back against efforts to weaken protections for our environment and for immigrant and working Marylanders. Visit here to see my whole end of session report.

In Partnership,
Delegate Mary Washington