Moving Forward

Although none of the commonsense water measures we championed were successful this spring, I still believe that as my colleagues learn more, and as our constituents continue to speak out about the need for everyone to have access to water, we can make Maryland a leader in making water affordable – and in protecting all working families from unaffordable water bills that lead to water being shut off, homes being sold at tax sale, homelessness and serious public health issues.

With session over, mine and my colleagues’ efforts have been ongoing. After those 90 days in session, I have worked with homeowners and congregations to help them keep their homes and centers of faith from tax sale. I have continued to work with organizations throughout the area to challenge City leaders poor attempts to resolve these problems. I have been vocal in working to offer solutions and collaborating with other leaders in the community to bring water access and affordability into reality.

Together, we can change the way water is accessed in Maryland so that the system is just and accessible. We can make Maryland a leader in water access. With the foundation we are currently laying, we are poised to create lasting legislative progress in the coming sessions, and I am eager to continue this work.