Environmental Stewardship: Banning Hydraulic Fracking in Maryland

In 2015, Maryland legislators established a temporary moratorium on fracking in the state. We had until October 2017 to gather further evidence on fracking’s effects. With research, we found evidence of widespread health and environmental harms associated with fracking and related infrastructure including damage to human health, to our air and water, excessive noise pollution, and even micro-earthquakes.

In the winter and spring of 2017, as this moratorium was set to expire and drillers were getting ready to apply for permits to frack in our state, I joined many of my House and Senate colleagues in co-sponsoring HB 1325, which banned hydraulic fracking in Maryland. Given our research and the powerful voices of Marylanders courageously standing up for our state’s environmental health, I voted to ban fracking in Maryland.  This bill was signed into law on April 4.

This landmark legislation is certainly a victory for Maryland’s environment and the health of our community, but I am also eager to rally the same level of support that the ban on fracking received for water accessibility in our state. While we protect our waterways, we must also remember to protect the human right of water access for those in Baltimore City and throughout Maryland.