St Johns Update

There is now a go fund me page for St. Johns in the Village as well as a donation button on the St. Johns website. The date for closure has been extended to January 6 to allow time for raising of funds and the creation of a viable plan for the future. Please consider giving. All contributions are tax-deductible. Visit
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to consider attending church services which take place 10:30 am Sunday mornings and 6:30 pm on Major Feast Days, of which two are coming up: All Saints’ Day, Wednesday Nov 1 and All Souls’ Day, Thursday Nov 2.
St Johns in the Village is at 3009 Greenmount Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21218.
Thanks to everyone who is helping to Save St Johns in the Village, an anchor on Greenmount Avenue along Waverly Main Street and the surrounding communities since the 1840s and where poetry and prose writer Lizette Woodworth Reese is buried.