The Washington Report January 25th

Greetings from Annapolis! Last week was our first full week in session. My colleagues and I have been hard at work planning how to respond to Trump’s changes to our federal tax law. These changes in the tax code will have significant and potentially long-lasting negative effects on the economy of Maryland, especially in Baltimore City.

By eliminating many existing tax breaks Maryland families rely on — including some deductions for state and local taxes — the so-called “Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017” will actually undermine the work we have been doing to improve the lives of working families. According to the Maryland Center for Economic Policy, “The state currently underinvests in the services Marylanders rely on, and the federal government’s budget and tax priorities will make it even harder to make those investments in the future.” Clearly Maryland must mitigate the damage these federal actions will cause. That’s why this session we will propose a package of legislative actions that seek to protect our fiscal health. Among these is creating a fairer, more effective, and productive corporate tax system by establishing combined reporting for corporate income taxes in Maryland. Combined reporting closes the door to a range of currently legal accounting tactics businesses use to avoid paying taxes to Maryland.

As a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, much of the action on these issues will happen in my committee and I will do my best to keep you informed.

Back home in Baltimore, I was honored to stand with my House of Delegates colleagues and speak at the Baltimore Women’s March on Saturday Jan 20th. I want to congratulate the women who organized such a successful and powerful day. The theme, “March Forward,” inspired thousands to unify in moving into the future with purpose. In my speech, my message was one of persistence, of resistance, and of resolve. Standing together has never been so vital. Watch my speech here and check out the full text here.

In Partnership,

Mary Washington