Upcoming Hearings and Legislation of Interest

Upcoming Ways and Means Hearings

Secure and Accessible Registration Act (HB 152)
Del. Luedtke, et al.
Through the redesignation of electronic voter registration agencies as automatic voter registration agencies, this bill would increase accessibility for voter registration. “Automatic” designation would require the agencies, such as the Motor Vehicle Administration,  include voter registration as an integral part of their procedures, and relay all information to the State Board of Elections. Individuals would still have the option to decline registration, which would not affect their accessibility to any other services or benefits.
Hearing: Tuesday, Feb. 6, 1:00PM, Ways and Means

Sales and Use Tax – Diapers – Exemption (HB 345)
Del. Waldstreicher, et al.
This bill would exempt diapers from the Sales and Use Tax, in order to alleviate some of the cost of an already expensive resource vital for mothers and families to keep their babies healthy.
Hearing: Wednesday, Feb. 7, 1:00PM, Ways and Means

Other Legislation

Condominiums and Homeowners Associations – Priority of Liens – Included Charges (SB216)
Senator Norman
Under current law, when a unit in a condominium is foreclosed upon, the bank is paid first and the condo board is only guaranteed the sum of four months rent – up to $1200. Therefore, if a condo were to charge $100 per month, the board would likely only make $400, regardless of how many fees the mortgage holder owed. This bill would make it so certain fees charged by a condominium board or homeowner’s association would take priority over the bank in the case of a foreclosure.  If this bill is passed, in most cases the board will receive the $1200 maximum, and therefore will not go broke despite foreclosures.